Empowering Through Learning

Through interventions across primary and secondary education, Atulya Foundation is working towards providing quality education in the interiors of our country with the aim of fostering human resource development. Our school redevelopment programme in rural India not only cater to Infrastructure improvement but work on teachers training from time to time so that the children from rural areas are at par with their peers from the urban areas.


Earning With Dignity

Our livelihood initiatives focus on providing skill trainings to local communities especially the one who come from minority groups. The targeted training communities are also assisted in getting job and enterprise set up opportunities. The Foundation is building social capital by promoting self-help groups, supporting initiatives towards preservation of traditional art, and organizing skill development training. Our livelihood initiative is driven by the belief that a society made of empowered individuals with a decent standard of living leads to overall prosperity and development of the nation.

Health & Hygiene

Well Being of All

We believe that ensuring good health of people is crucial for the development of a nation. Public healthcare system in India, especially in rural areas, lacks adequate infrastructure. The existing healthcare centres are low on supply of medicines, equipment and lack qualified Doctors and dedicated human resources. We are working towards supporting this infrastructure & providing low-cost primary healthcare in rural India. We aim to make medical care accessible, affordable, and available to everyone in villages by setting up a sound and scalable health model. India will become healthy if our villages have strong healthcare systems.

Rural Development

Way of Living

Awareness about sanitation in rural India is a cause of grave concern. Many people do not have access to clean water, toilets & proper waste disposal facilities. Through our Water, Sanitation, and hygiene initiatives we aim to promote civic consciousness among citizens through youth leaders. Our organization is working towards improving the access of clean drinking water and totally sanitized villages with our first such initiative in villages in the district of Bulandshahr (UP).



Preserving the planet is a critical priority for the Foundation. Access to clean air, water, energy; soil, flora and fauna, terrestrial ecosystem conservation; environmentally responsible practices at all levels; Combating desertification, deforestation, land degradation, biodiversity loss, pollution and promoting use of renewable are some of the core focus areas of our work.

Disaster Response

Standing in Need

Natural and man-made disasters are unpredictable part of our life. As the world faces severe climate change, both natural and man-made disasters are expected to grow. Responding to these disasters effectively, requires the efforts, spontaneity and coordination with various stakeholders. Atulya Foundation align all its resources to provide humanitarian aid to support the communities in need.